You will get the most out of this class if you (1) attend class, (2) complete all the readings, and (3) engageTake detailed notes, do follow-up reading on things, people, places you don’t know about

with the readings.


Rather than take attendance or grade participation, I will ask you to submit an honest and realistic assessment of your participation in class. There will be three of these at different points in the semester.

Participation will cover (1) your attendance, (2) how much of the weekly readings you are completing, and (3) how much you are talking/answering/asking questions in class. You will give yourself a score and provide an explanation of why you deserve that score based on a rubric that I will make available.Note that I reserve the right to reject your score if it’s outlandish.

I’ll accept these late one day (but you will lose a full letter-grade). After that, it’s a zero.

Pop Quizzes

I will hold somewhere between 6 and 20 pop quizzes (multiple choice, short-response) throughout the course of the semester. Pop quizzes will be administered at the start of class through Blackboard.

Pop quizzes will cover the reading that was due for that week. Uncompleted pop quizzes = 0, and can’t be made up. I will drop the lowest 20% of your pop quiz grades at the end of the course (this includes 0’s for absences).


To hone your data analysis and writing skills you will complete homeworks throughout the semester.

Feel free to work together on the homeworks but you must turn in your own answers. You cannot work in groups of more than three people.

I’ll accept homeworks late one day (but you will lose a full letter-grade). Beyond that I won’t accept late homeworks.


There will be one final exam covering the whole course. Lecture material and readings will be fair game on the final. Format will be a combination of short and long response questions.

Make-up exams will be given only to students with medical or personal emergencies. If an emergency arises, you will need to contact me before the exam or you will receive zero credit.